75 Year Celebration of
Snowsport History
in the
Far West region!

Photos Are Here!

2007 Patrick Rothe

Randy Lew
Patrick Rothe
Mike Sanford

2004 Karen Schneider

Jane Wyckoff
Karen Schneider
Barbara Razo

1999 Sandy Best

Shirley Stretch
Sandy Best
Catherine Ohl

Sigrid Noack

1998 Mary Evans

Jane Wyckoff
Mary Evans 1998

Bill Mackey FWSA Award

Bill Mackey’s interest and love of the mountains manifested itself early in his youth, exploring the High Sierra trails. In the summer, he expanded his knowledge of geology and nature.

With the first snow cover, however, Bill was ready to head for the ski slopes. As an experienced skier, his interest was divided between competitive racing, ski instruction and professional patrolling.

In the spring of 1970, he experienced the thrill of racing during a Lange Ski Race Camp at Mammoth conducted by Jimmie Heuga.

Bill turned 21 soon afterward, making him old enough to start work as a full-time professional ski patrolman at Mammoth under the capable direction of John Garner.

In the autumn of 1970, his enthusiasm mounted as his skill in skiing and rescue work developed rapidly. A few weeks later, however, he met with a tragic non-skiing accident that brought his career to an abrupt end.

The Bill Mackey Award is given for outstanding Service to the skiing public by a ski industry or ski area employee.

Year  Awardee Ski Resort / Industry
2018 Sandy Gaudette SKI Group.net
2017 John Douglas Nancy Greene's Cahilty Hotel & Suites
2016 Katie Balkwill Big White Ski Resort
2015 Ann Cook Mt. Bachelor
2014 Jason Forrest Whitefish
2013 Brandon Bang Big Sky
2012 Bob Bourquard Mt. Bachelor
2011 Bob Salerno Virtual Snow
2010 Brian Flickinger Vail Resorts
2009 Mary Manning Aspen Skiing Company
2008 Cyd Heatherly Snowbasin
2007 Patrick Rothe ski.com
2006 Kris McKinnon Aspen Skiing Company
2005 Mark Thoreson Sun Valley
2004 Karen Schneider Steamboat
2003 Tammie Anstedt Vail Resorts / Heavenly Valley
2002 Jim Loyd Big White Ski Resort
2001 John Frasca Central Holidays —
A Far & Wide Company
2000 Don Beaulieu Sunshine Village
1999 Jean Louis Villiot Mammoth Mountain
1999 Sandy Best Lake Louise
1998 Mary Evans Aspen Skiing Company
1997 Joe Pettit Northstar-at-Tahoe
1996 Steve Orchin Canadian Pacific Hotels
1995 Brent Boblitt Northstar-at-Tahoe
1994 Brad Wilson Bear Mtn. Ski Resort
1993 Julie Maurer & Mike Blide Northstar-at-Tahoe
1992 Elise Waddell Mammoth Mounain Race Department
1991 Jerry Simon SkiGroup
1990 Jim Mott Squaw Valley USA
1989 Marilyn Branch Coonskin Inn
1988 Mark Phillips Mt. Reba/Bear Valley
1987 John Armstrong Mammoth Mountain
1986 Bob Settineri & Ron Roesch Sierra Productions South, "Mogul Mike"
1985 Randy Fahrbach Purgatory Ski Resort
1984 Nick Hudson Heavenly Valley
1983 Chuck Morse Salomon On-Campus Learn-to-Ski Program
1982 Jim Catlin Mammoth Ski Tour Center
1982 Ueli Luthi Mammoth Race Department (USST Coach)
1981 Mitch Vlad Canadian Gov’t Office of Tourism
1980 Harry Leonard Ski Show Company
1979 Bob Bergstrom Sports, Ltd.
1978 Chuck Morse Mountain High
1977 Chuck Morse Mountain High
1977 Jack Hardy Tahoe Hyatt Hotel
1976 Bill Boardman Squaw Valley USA
1975 Dick Parent High Sierra Reservations
1974 Knut Waarli Cal-Nordic Institute
1973 Peter Brinkman Mt. Reba/Bear Valley
1972 John Garner Mammoth Ski Patrol
2005 Mark Thoreson

Jane Wyckoff
Mark Thoreson 2005
Susie Vetter
Chuck Morse

2006 Kris McKinnon

Kris McKinnon 2006
Mike Sanford

2003 Tammie Anstedt

Jane Wyckoff
Tammie Anstedt 2003

Jane Wyckoff & Jim Loyd

Jane Wyckoff
Jim Loyd 2002

2001 John Frasca

Jane Wyckoff
John Frasca 2001

2000 Don Beaulieu & Woody Hogan

Don Beaulieu 2000
Woody Hogan

1996 Steve Orchin

Jane Wyckoff
Steve Orchin 1996



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