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1966 Slim Davis at retirement in 1973

Slim Davis 1966

1971 Chuck Morse

Chuck Morse 1971
Teddy West
John Watson 1978

1981 Bruce Bell in 1976

Bruce Bell 1981

1986 Dick Goetzman in 1974

Dick Goetzman 1986

Martha Perez in 1973

Martha Perez 1990

2000 George Eachus

Randy Lew 1999
George Eachus

1995 Woody Hogan

Woody Hogan 1995
Norm Cullen

Hans Georg FWSA Award

Hans Georg came from the St. Moritz Ski School in Switzerland to the US in 1936 to become a pioneer ski tracker, rope tow operator and ski instructor. Hans evidentually made his way to Soda Springs to teach skiing. In 1939, Hans became the head of the Eastern Sierra Ski Club School at the “Ski Ranch” near the McGee Creek Lodge.

In 1940, Lloyd Nicoll built a tow at Observation Point, on the east side of Mammoth along the road to Twin Lakes. The next year, he sold it to Nyle Smith who then sold it to Hans in 1946 after Hans returned from serving in the 10th Mountain Division during WWII as a ski instructor and leader in the Italian campaign.

In 1945, Dave McCoy installed two 600’ tows at McGee Creek that Hans used for his ski school. By 1946, Hans and Dave were the only tow operators in the Mammoth area. In 1948, Hans installed three tows in Mammoth— in the vicinity of where Chair 15 is today. Although the tows remained until 1957, when the lifts begun to experience mechanical problems, Hans abandoned them and taught skiing at Dave’s lifts.

Hans taught thousands to ski, using the best of the Reverse Shoulder, Arlberg and French techniques. In 1940 and 1946, Hans attempted to develop a summer ski school at the 12,500-foot level eastern side of Mt. Whitney. Often, Hans was called to Hollywood to direct ski sequences. He wrote many books on skiing, including “Modern Ski Systems,” “Reverse Shoulder Technique,” and “Simplified Skiing.”

The Hans Georg Award is given for distinguished Accomplishment and Long-Term Contribution to Skiing. This award is given to an individual who has contributed significant achievements to skiing, not necessarily organized skiing. It reflects a long-term contribution over the years and is the highest award pesented by Far West.

 Year Awardee
2018 Jo Simpson
2017 Arleigh Meiners
2016 Debbi Kor
2015 Linda Westlund
2014 Gloria Raminha
2013 Bill Clark, Western Ski Sport Museum
2012 Catherine Ohl
2011 Lynnell Calkins
2010 Sigrid Noack
2009 Georgene Bihlman
2008 Donn Bryant
2007 Mike Sanford
2006 Ken Calkins
2005 Nancy Kelly
2004 Steve Coxen
2003 Tucker Hoffmann
2002 Gene Fulkerson
2001 Harry Davis
2000 George Eachus
1999 Randy Lew
1998 Nic Fiore
1997 Norm Cullen
1996 Fay Mumbauer
1995 Woody Hogan
1994 Fred "Andy" Andrews
1993 Dennis Agee
1992 Pat Nangle
1991 Mike Favia
1990 Martha Perez
1990 Mary Lou Bearden Reese
1989 Sutter Kunkel
1988 Janie “Frankie” Hansen
1987 Alan Christian
1986 Dick Goetzman
1985 Jimmie Heuga
1985 Ed Gehle
1984 John James
1983 Bill Berry
1982 Joe Harris
1981 Bruce Bell
1980 Jane Wyckoff
1980 Don Simpson
1979 Chuck Morse
1978 John Watson
1978 Col Fraser E. West
1977 Russ Read
1976 No award
1975 Wayne Poulsen
1974 Dave McCoy, Mammoth Mountain
1973 J. Stanley Mullin
1972 Willy Schaeffler, U.S. Ski Team
1971 Charles Fink
1970 Billy Kidd
1969 William Nagle, Jr.
1968 Ben Cole
1967 Walt Disney, W.D. Productions
1966 Wilfred S. “Slim” Davis, USFS
Before the Hans Georg Award, Far West honored these and others for their Long Term Contributions to skiing.
1962 Byron Nishkian
1961 No award
1960 Dave McCoy
1959 Robert J. Reed
1958 Edward J. Johnson
1957 Wesley B. Hadden
1956 Gene Williams
1955 Edward J. Johnson
1954 Richard W. Cronon

2005 Hans Georg

2005 Convention & 75th Anniversary Celebration Hans Georg Awardees: (standing) John James '84, Fay Mumbauer '96, Chuck Morse '79, Harry Davis '01, Jane Wyckoff '80, Gene Fulkerson '02, Tucker Hoffmann '03, John Watson '78, Norm Cullen '97, Alan Christian '87, Randy Lew '99, Woody Hogan '95, (seated) Steve Coxen '04, Nancy Kelly '05, Dick Goetzman '86.


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Hans Georg
courtesy Robin Morning

Hans Georg

2003 Hans Georg

Hans Georg
Hans Georg Ski School

1947 Ski School Ad

1947 Ski School Ad

2007 Mike Sanford

Mike Sanford 2007
Eileen Sanford

Ken Calkins 2006

Mike Sanford 2007
Nancy Kelly
Ken Calkins

2003 Steve Coxen

Billy Kidd 1970
Steve Coxen
Dave McCoy
Tucker Hoffmann

2005 Nancy Kelly

Steve Coxen 2004
Nancy Kelly
Dick Goetzman

2002 Gene Fulkerson

Gene Fulkerson 2002
Harry Davis

1998 Nic Fiore

Nic Fiore 1998
with Nikki Stone

1991 Mike Favia

Mike Favia 1991
with Paul Arrigo



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