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2007 Geraldine Line

Geraldine Line 2007
NSAA Public Affairs

2000 Mike Sanford

Linda McGavin 1998
Mike Sanford
Catherine Ohl

1994 Lee Olson

Lee Olson 1994
John Waston

Jordan-Reily FWSA Award

The award is named posthumously for two pioneers in the Association’s Public Affairs program, Bob Jordan and John Reily.

Bob Jordan, a Guadalcanal veteran, trained as a journalist and was employed for many years in the forest products industry. Bob became FWSA’s first paid Director of Public Affairs in 1975 and stayed on for nearly three years before returning to industry. His professional skills greatly enhanced the sophistication of the Association’s activities and formed a foundation that has lasted to this day.

In the mid-50s, John Reily, treasurer for the Carnation Company and chairman of the LA Chamber of Commerce, built a cabin in Squaw Valley.

Two years later, John acquired Southern Pacific’s land at the top of Squaw’s KT-22 lift and built a day lodge called the “Cornice.” From this vantage point, John saw the potential for a new ski area, Alpine Meadows, and became its founder and developer.

John was a strong advocate for integrating environmental, financial, and skier demand into area development plans.

The Jordan-Reily Award recognizes a one- or two-year activity and achievement in the Association’s Public Affairs programs: area development, skier safety, liability protections, governmental affairs, taxation, and transportation. This award may also be given to an individual in government or the ski industry

Year Awardee
2017 Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra
2016 Jo Simpson
2015 Jeremy Jones, Protect Our Winters
2014 Kayla Walker, Bonneville Environment Foundations
2013 Judy Dorsey, Brendle Group
2012 Robert Redford, Sundance Ski Resort
2011 Christina Thomure, Grand Targhee Director of Substainablity
2010 John Wentworth, Mammoth Lakes Trails and Public Access Foundation
2009 Auden Schendler, Aspen Skiing Company Director of Substainablity
2008 Rich Marriott, Co-founder Northwest Weather & Avalanche Center in Seattle, WA
2007 Geraldine Link, NSAA Public Affairs Director
2006 Scott Kaden, President PNSAA, Hood River, OR
2005 Mark Udall, US Sentor for Colorado
2004 Ethan Chickering, Western Lost Ski Area Project
2003 Steve Coxen
2002 Denny Bschor, USFS
2001 Steve Reneker
2000 Mike Sanford
1999 No award
1998 Catherine Ohl
1998 Linda McGavin
1997 Wayne Poulson
1996 No award
1995 Karen Kimball
1994 Lee Olson
1993 National Ski Patrol,
Southern California Region's Mountaineering Section: Dave Tollakson, Jerry Lambert, Steve Reneker, Ron Anderson
1992 Kermit Wagner
1991 John Watson

. 2003 Steve Coxen

Jordon-Reily Winners at the 2005 Convention: Steve Coxen '03, Mike Sanford '00, Linda McGavin '98, Ethan Chickering '04, Catherine Ohl '98, John Watson '91, Marge Fons for Mark Udall '05.

John Reily

John McClintic Reily

2003 Steve Coxen

Ethan Chickering 2004

2003 Steve Coxen

Steve Coxen 2003

Jordan Riley Award

Denny Bschor 2002
Mike Sanford 2000

1995 Karen Kimball

Norm Cullen
Karen Kimball
Ron Anderson



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