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1973 Jane Wyckoff

Dick Croft President
Jane Wyckoff

1974 Gloria Slate

Gloria Slate 1974

1979 Jan Wright + 1978 Nancy Ingalsbee

Jan Wright 1979
Nancy Ingalsbee 1978

1992 Susie Vetter

Susie Vetter 1992

1995 Maxine Hanlon

Billy Kidd
Maxine Hanlon
Norm Cullen

1997 Catherine Ohl

Randy Lew
Catherine Ohl

Elizabeth "Schatzi" Wood FWSA Award

Elizabeth "Schatzi" Wood is one of the most recognized women skiers in the history of recreational skiing and the National Ski Patrol System. Born in the Bavarian Alps, she arrived in the US in 1920 as a governess to the children of the Miller family of Milwaukee

A few years later she met her husband Ernest Wood while ice skating. She began skiing to be with her husband but only mastered the Sitzmark. Then in the 30s, when Hans Georg started to teach at McGee, Schatzi learned the modern ski technique.

In 1942, Schatzi was only the sixteenth woman to be named to the National Ski Patrol (NSP). In 1950, she was appointed section chief of the NSP at Big Pines. In 1951, she was awarded the National Ski Patrol’s Yellow Merit Star for her work as an outstanding patrolwoman.

Schatzi devoted 15 years of service, developing ways to make her sport better and safer, mapping her areas, applying first aid and conducting searches for crashed planes.

Schatzi was one of the leading women skiers during the formation of the California Ski Association. She was well known by skiers throughout Southern California as a strong skier who could outski most anyone, male or female. Her love for skiing continued to the day of her death at a grand old age of 67. While on a ski trip to Switzerland, Schatzi suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, and two days later, she passed away in her sleep.

Schatzi was a long-time member of Grindelwald Ski Club. She was loved and admired by everyone. Hence, the nickname “Schatzi”, which means “sweetheart” in German.

The Elizabeth "Schatzi" Wood Award is given to the Far West woman who has, through efforts in ski club, council, region, national or international activities, made a decisive contribution to skiing during either the past year or in a prior year. In the early years the winner of this award was also referred to as Far West Woman of the Year.

Year Awardee
2017 Cindy Krupp
2016 Karen James
2015 Jo Simpson
2014 Debbie Stewart
2013 Nancy Ellis
2012 Eileen Sanford
2011 Sheri Parshall
2010 Gloria Raminha
2009 Barbara Bryant
2008 Mary Olhausen
2007 Fran Long
2006 Debbi Kor-Lew
2005 Helen Harris
2004 Marilyn Sigler
2003 Linda Westlund
2002 Nancy Kelly
2001 Nancy Sanford
2000 Lynnell Calkins
1999 No award
1998 Bonnie West
1997 Catherine Ohl
1997 Karen Davis
1996 Connie Smith
1995 Maxine Hanlon
1994 Kathy Hoffmann
1993 No award
1992 Susie Vetter
1991 Karen Kimball
1990 Pat Nangle
1989 Lauren Nagle
1988 Fay Mumbauer
1987 Margo Thomas
1986 Karyn Tablada
1985 Sallie Pritchard
1984 Janie “Frankie” Hansen
1983 Anita Omsby
1982 Jessica Freeman
1981 Billie Joy Wilson
1980 Madeline Hunter
1979 Jan Wright
1978 Nancy Ingalsbee
1977 Marlene Steinmeyer
1976 No award
1975 Kathy Downer
1974 Gloria Slate
1973 Jane Wyckoff
1972 Judy Fjeld
1971 Thelma “Teddy” West
1970 Sally Hudson
1969 Gladys (Sandy) Poulsen
1968 No award
1967 Mary Lou Bearden Reese
1966 Madeline Walton

2005 Schatzi Wood Winners

Schatzi Wood Winners at 2005 Convention: Connie Smith '96, Nancy Kelly '02, Marilyn Sigler '04, Karyn Tabalada (Purmot) '86, Jessica Freeman '82, Lynnell Calkins '00, Fay Mumbauer '88, Gloria Slate '74, Linda Westlund '03, Helen Harris '05, Bonnie West '98, Kathy Hoffmann '94, Susie Vetter '92, Maxine Hanlon '95, Jane Wyckoff '73, Nancy Sanford '01, Karen Davis '97, Catherine Ohl '97


Schatzi Wood
photo from Fay Mumbauer

“Schatzi” Wood
1897 - Sept. 3, 1964

2007 Fran Long

Randy Lew
Fran Long

2006 Debbi Kor-Lew

Mike Sanford
Debbi Kor-Lew

2004 Helen Harris

Marilyn Sigler 2004
Helen Harris

2004 Marilyn Sigler

Joe Loader
Marilyn Sigler

2003 Linda Westlund

Linda Westlund 2003
Nancy Kelly

2002 Nancy Kelly

Nancy Kelly 2002
Nancy Sanford

Wood Award - 1996 Connie Smith

Connie Smith 1996



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