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Jane Wyckoff
Hans Georg Award to
Jimmie Heuga 1985

2007 Larry 'Chad' Chadwick

'Chad' Chadwick 2007
Oregon Cancer Ski Out
presented by Randy Lew

1998 Candice Cable

Candace Cable 1998

1991 Linda Fryback

Linda Fryback 1991

Jimmie Heuga FWSA Award

Jimmie Heuga exemplifies the best of the Far West Ski Association. He is a product of the Far West Junior Racing Program and the Lake Tahoe Ski Club. He started skiing at age three with his father at Squaw Valley, participated in many Sacramento Bee races and, ultimately, joined the US Ski Team. Jimmie won a Bronze in slalom at the 1964 Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria

A week later, Jimmie won the combined at the prestigious Arlberg-Kandahar in Garmisch, Germany, so far, the only American to do so.

In 1966, Jimmie finished fourth in the combined at the World Championships in Portillo, Chile. The following year he skied to a third place overall in World Cup giant slalom. He had two top-ten finishes at the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France. His ten years on the US Ski Team ended in 1968. Jimmie was inducted into the National Ski Hall of Fame in 1976.

Jimmie’s greatest challenge commenced with disturbing health indications in 1967 and a final diagnosis in 1970 as having Multiple Sclerosis (MS). After a period of indecision as to his course of action, he started a three-year personal program of rehabilitation in 1976. He created a program of cardiovascular endurance, stretching and strengthening exercises. He moved back to the mountains and resumed skiing. After this period, he started his own outreach program for persons with MS, founding the Jimmie Heuga Center in 1984. The center in Avon, Colorado is dedicated to “reanimating the physically challenged” to regain a quality of life. The center also supports scientific research.

The Jimmie Heuga Award is given to the individual who, like Jimmie, has demonstrated courage and skill in three arenas – the ski slope, the human body, and the courageous heart.

Long time friend, Billy Kidd, wrote the following at Jimmie's passing.

"Jimmie was the personification of determination and never giving up — he inspired so many people. Jimmie's accomplishments on the race course will forever be remembered. But it's his accomplishments and drive in the fight against MS that will continue to help so many people live their lives. His life is an inspiration."

Year  Awardee
2018 Dee Armstrong, Unrecables
2017 Kate Togneri, Ski for MS, Squaw Valley
2016 Dave Ludwig, Hope on the Slopes
2015 David Briery, US Adaptive Recreation Center, Big Bear, CA
2014 Lee Perry, Jr., Mt. Hood Meadows Adaptive Ski School
2013 Fred Noble, Ski to Defeat ALS
2012 Chris Waddell, US Para Olympian
2011 Dianna Digiandomenico, Unrecables
2010 Linda Whittle, Can Do Multiple Sclerosis
2009 Will Niccolls and Ed Bronsdon, Outdoors for all Foundation
2008 Tom Peirce, US Adaptive Recreation Center, Big Bear, CA
2007 Lawrence 'Chad' Chadwick, Oregon Cancer Ski Out
2006 Sigrid Noack
2005 Muffy Davis, US Para Olympian
2004 J. Ben Velasquez, Organ Donor
2003 Chris Klug, US Olympic Medalist
2002 Gordon Cardona, Unrecables
2001 Billy Kidd, Steamboat Springs
2000 Mark Wellman
1999 Norm Cox
1998 Candace Cable, US Para Olympian & Wheel Chair Runner
1997 Rick Van Aken, Bear Valley Adaptive Ski Program
1996 Jim Ortiz
1995 Sara Tully
1994 KelLe Malkewitz, Director US Adaptive Recreation Center
1993 Tahoe Adaptive Ski School, Alpine Meadows
1992 Hal O’Leary, Founder National Sports Center for the Disabled at Winter Park
1991 Linda Fryback, Unrecables
1990 Sallie Pritchard, Founder California Handicapped Ski School
1989 Douglas Pringle, Tahoe Adaptive Ski School
1989 Lynne Haile, Pierce College Handicapped Program
1988 Steve Kanaly, March of Dimes
1987 James Stacey

2005 Jimmie Heuga Awardees

Jimmie Heuga Awardees at the 2005 Convention: (back) Mike Sanford, KelLe Malkewitz '94, Billy Kidd '01, (front) Mark Thoreson for Muffy Davis '05, Jimmie Heuga, Gordon Cardona '02


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Jimmie Heuga

Jimmie Heuga
Sept 22, 1943 -
Feb 8, 2010

2005 Muffy Davis

Muffy Davis 2005

2004 Ben Velazquez

Billy Kidd 2001
Ben Velazquez 2004

Jimmie Heuga Winners

Norm Cox 1999
Jim Ortiz
Jimmie Heuga
Chris Klug
KelLe Malkewitz
Sara Tully
Billy Kidd

2000 Mark Wellman

Mark Wellman 2000

2006 Sigrid Noack

Sigrid Noack 2006
Mike Sanford

1990 Sallie Pritchard

Sallie Pritchard 1990



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