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Formation California Ski Association

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Minutes of Third Meeting

Minutes of the First Official Meeting of the
California Ski Association

Palace Hotel, San Francisco, Tuesday, October 7th, 1930

Wendall T. Robie, Auburn, Chairman
F. H. Deuprey, San Francisco, Secretary

Those in attendance were:

Cassidy, Bert A. Auburn Civitello, Don Sacramento
Des Bailletts, E. Yosemite Durfer, W. F., Dr. Auburn
Owens, R. O. Auburn Maynard, W. Truckee
Tresidder, Don Yosemite Edmunds, E. Truckee

3:35 President Wendell Robie declared the meeting in session. Chairman Robie declared recognition to Mr. Maynard of Truckee, Don Tresidder of Yosemite, Durfer of Auburn, Edmunds of Truckee, Des Bailletts of Yosemite, Cassidy of Auburn, and Owens of Auburn as temporary directors representing their respective clubs at this meeting.

Upon motion by R. 0. Owens, seconded by Des Bailletts, a resolution was passed asking that there be an entrance fee of $20 for each of the clubs desiring to affiliate with the California Ski Association. Passed.

Motion by Wilbur Maynard, seconded by Mr. Edmunds that President Robie make contact with organized clubs of California asking for immediate action for the appointments of direct representation on the Board of the California Ski Association and to inform them that the application for membership of their club in the California Ski Association is now in order. Passed.

Motion by Mr. Des Bailletts, seconded by Mr. Maynard, that it be the consensus of opinion of all present that the California Ski Association affiliate with the National Ski Association. Passed.

Moved by Mr. Edmunds, seconded by Mr. Cassidy, that President Robie immediately communicate with officials of the National Ski Association asking for recognition and admittance for the California Ski Association into that organization. Passed.

3:45 Following a discussion of the necessity of securing the various dates of events in the four regions, President Robie asked the Secretary to contact with these regions and especially with Tahoe, asking them their dates for the proposed Olympic tryouts, this data then to be passed on to the other regions, so that a coordination could be effected as to dates and events.

5:50 A constitution and by-laws committee was then appointed by President Robie. The Committee named is as follows: Maynard of Truckee, Des Bailletts of Yosemite, Otis Owen of Auburn and J. G. Hanson of the Viking Club, Los Angeles, President Robie to make the fifth member of the committee.

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