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Formation California Ski Association

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Minutes of Second Meeting

Special Committee appointed by
The Winter Sports Committe of the
California State Chamber of Commerce
to Organize a California Ski Association

Palace Hotel, San Francisco, Tuesday, October 7th, 1930

Wendell T. Robie, Auburn, Chairman
F. H. Deuprey, San Francisco, Secretary.

Allen, Scotty Soda Springs Butler, E. C. San Francisco
Cassidy, Bert A. Auburn Civitello, Don Sacramento
Des Bailletts, E. Yosemite F. H. Deuprey San Francisco
Durfer, W. F., Dr. Auburn Edmunds, E. Truckee
Goss, P. B. Auburn Jones, J. 0. Soda Springs
Maynard, W. Truckee Pischell, D. K. San Francisco
Plummer, K. V. San Francisco Robie, Wendell T. Auburn
Tresidder, Don Yosemite

2:35 Mr. Wendell Robie, as Chairman, called the meeting to order at 2:35 and outlined the purpose of the meeting. Those In attendance were:

2:40 Wilbur Maynard offered the following resolution which was unanimously passed: That it be the sense of this meeting, to give full appreciation to the valuable work of the Winter Sports Committee of the California State Chamber of Commerce in promoting winter sports throughout California in general and in particular, making it possible on this day for the formation of a California Ski Association.

2:45 The next order of business asked for by Chairman Robie was that of determining the number of officials and directors of the proposed Ski Association. Following a discussion, it was moved by Don Tresidder, seconded by B. A. Cassidy, that there be a president, four vice-presidents, two from the northern part of the State and two from the southern part of the State, a secretary, a treasurer and eight directors, two to be appointed from each of the four existing California Ski Clubs, making a total directorate of fifteen.

3:00 The next order of the business was the election of the president. The name of Wendell Robie was proposed by Senator Cassidy. Motion made by Mr. Maynard, seconded by Mr. Des Bailletts, that the nominations be closed. Mr. Robie was then unanimously elected by acclaim, President of the California Ski Association. Others elected were Frank Deuprey of the California State Chamber of Commerce, Secretary; W. A. Wadsworth of Los Angeles, Treasurer; Vice Presidents: Don Tresidder, Yosemite; Herbert Fleishhacker, Jr., San Francisco, for the northern part of the State; Geo. L. Eastman and J. B. Hanson of the Viking Club, also of Los Angeles, for the southern part of the State. The election of the directors was left to the four Ski Clubs, they to name two from their organizations. These Clubs are: Truckee Ski Club, the Auburn Ski Club, the Yosemite Ski Club and the Viking Ski Club of Los Angeles.

3:30 Chairman Robie then declared the State Chamber of Commerce Special Committee meeting to organize a California Ski Association adjourned, with the proviso that the Officers and Directors of the newly declared California Ski Association immediately convene as a Board of Directors of the California Ski Association.

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