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Formation California Ski Association

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Minutes of First Meeting

Special Meeting of Statewide Winter Sports
California State Chamber of Commerce

Palace Hotel, San Francisco, Noon - Tuesday, Oct. 7th, 1930

Don Givitello, Sacramento, Chairman
F. H. Deuprey, San Francisco, Secretary.

Those in attendance were:

Adam, James San Francisco Adams, Ansel E. San Francisco
Allan, Scotty Soda Springs Ashley, Rea E. San Francisco
Boues, E. L. San Francisco Bowers, W. H. San Francisco
Butler, Edmund, M.D. San Francisco Carpenter, J. E. San Francisco
Cassidy, Bert A. Auburn Cheever, Roy R San Francisco
Chesbro, Lou H. Auburn Cohen, N. J. Auburn
Derheim, G. A. San Francisco Des Bailletts, E. Yosemite
Donoghue, Mort J. San Francisco Durfer, W. F., Dr. Auburn
Edmunds, C. Truckee Edwards, Stevenson Alameda
Garrignes, Fred San Francisco Garthwaite, W. B. San Francisco
Gordon, Dave Auburn Goes, P. D. Auburn
Irwin, E. W. San Francisco Jones, J. 0. Soda Springs
Koest, Fred E. San Francisco Kinell, N. San Francisco
Mathews, Jack Lake Tahoe Maynard, Wilbur Truckee
Owens, Robt. 0. Auburn Paterson, Geo. C. San Francisco
Peck, M. A. Sacramento Penaluma, Ed. San Francisco
Pischell, D. K. San Francisco Plummer, K. V. San Francisco
Robie, Wendell T. Auburn Sather, Art Auburn
Seawol, J. L. Roseville Spiro, Lawrence L. San Francisco
Tredway, F. 0. San Francisco Tresidder, Don Yosemite
Volz, Lew Auburn Woodward, Fred San Francisco

12:45 The meeting was called to order by Don Civitello, of Sacramento, acting as Chairman, in the forced absence of George L. Eastman, of Los Angeles, State Chairman of the Winter Sports Committee of the State Chamber. Mr. Civitello, in opening the meeting, stated that the group had gathered to go over the program for the coming season’s winter sports activities and to discuss the need and possibility of forming a California Ski Association.

12:50 Following Mr. Civitello’s talk, a motion picture was thrown on the screen, showing ski jumping in the Auburn and Lake Tahoe regions. These pictures were taken and presented to the group by Dr. Durfer, of Auburn. It was the consensus of opinion the pictures were decidedly how far advanced ski and ski jumping have become in California.

1:05 Mr. E. Des Bailletts, Winter Sports’ Director for Yosemite National Park and for Lake Arrowhead, then gave a ten minute talk on the general winter sports conditions in California. He described this State as being outstanding in winter sports’ facilities, comparable to no other place in the world but Switzerland.

1:15 Reports by Regions, presented by Messrs. Wendell Robie, of Auburn, C. Edmunds, of Truckee, Don Tresidder, of Yosemite, and E. Des Bailletts, of Southern California, showed increased enthusiasm and activities for the coming season in all sections of California.

1:30 Wilbur Maynard, of Truckee, then outlined the position of California in relation to the Olympic Games at Lake Placid, New York, in 1932. He stated that it would be absolutely necessary that California athletes organize so as to secure recognition for entrance into the competitive games. He then moved that a committee be appointed to organize a California Ski Association. Following a thirty minute discussion as to the benefits and needs of the formation of a Ski Association and as to how it should be formed, the motion was seconded and passed unanimously, with the proviso that the committee meet immediately after the adjournment of the general meeting.

The following committee was then appointed by Chairman Civitello, with instructions to convene immediately at the close of the meeting and organize a California Ski Association:

Allen, Scotty Soda Springs Butler, E. C. San Francisco
Cassidy, Bert A. Auburn Civitello, Don Sacramento
Des Bailletts, E. Yosemite F. H. Deuprey San Francisco
Durfer, W. F., Dr. Auburn Edmunds, E. Truckee
Goss, P. B. Auburn Irwin, E. W. San Francisco
Jones, J. 0. Soda Springs Maynard, W. Truckee
Pischell, D. K. San Francisco Plummer, K. V. San Francisco
Robie, Wendell T. Auburn Tresidder, Don Yosemite

2:16 J. E. Carpenter, Editor of the California Journal of Development, then presented a plan for giving publicity to the entire winter sports’ event in California for the coming season by another rotogravure edition of the magazine in November or December. Last year, he stated, he put out more than 25,000 copies which were widely distributed throughout California and the East. He asked for the backing of all present in making the coming issue a success. Wilbur Maynard. following Mr. Carpenters statement, testified that California received great benefits from last year’s edition, many copies of which had been sent to Europe. Mr. Maynard also called upon everyone to lend his active support to the coming issue, both in the collection of data and in financing the issue.

2:30 Chairman Civitello adjourned the meeting and turned the gavel over to Wendell Robie as temporary Chairman of the appointed committee to form a California Ski Association.

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