How to Form a Club in California
Steps to Forming a Club as a Corporation

Because California and federal laws are generally the same for nonprofit corporations, we recommend you obtain state and federal application forms and draft articles of incorporation for both the state and federal governments at the same time.
Goals Establish a statement of purpose and goals to determine which 501(c) corporation to apply for
Name Reserve corporation name with the Secretary of State. California requires a fee
EIN Apply for Employee Identification Number (EIN) using Federal form SS-4. Can be done by phone or mail
Articles Write the Corporation’s Articles of Incorporation and file for certification with the Secretary of State with fee
ByLaws Draft the Corporation’s By-Laws
Budget Establish budget for current year (and estimate for next two years if new corporation)
Fed Exempt Apply for Federal Exempt Status by filing Form 8718 with user fee and Form 1023/1024
CA Exempt Apply for California State Exempt Status by filing FTB 3500 with fee
Fed Taxes Annually File Form 990 for Federal Tax Return
CA Taxes Annually file Form 199 for California Tax Return

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Download complete How To Form A Club document (450 kb pdf file)
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