How to Form a Club in California
Establish Purpose & Goals to Determine which 501(c) Corporation to Apply for

Starting a nonprofit organization can take you down many paths but each journey begins with a mission. A mission is simply a clear statement of the scope and dimension of your nonprofit corporation. Why does your nonprofit need to exist? Who will it serve? What will it actually do? Where will you operate? The answers to these questions should help formulate a clear mission statement.

Now that you know your mission, what are the technical issues of starting a nonprofit? First you must determine if your mission requires establishing a nonprofit corporation. Tax-exempt organizations do not pay federal corporate income taxes. Not all state regulations are equal in regards to tax status of nonprofits so be certain to check with your state government.

Incorporating as a nonprofit is very similar to incorporating as a for-profit. Each nonprofit corporation must file articles of incorporation specifically stating the purpose of the organization. Each nonprofit corporation must establish by-laws and consider regulations and operational requirements. Also each state has independent regulations regarding incorporation.

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