How to Form a Club in California
Draft the Corporation's By-Laws

By-laws are your internal operating procedures. They include provisions for such operational items as the forming of the board of directors, how many, their qualifications, length of term, when they will meet, officers etc. By-laws also include provisions for member or nonmember structure for the organization and tax provisions.

Corporate bylaws are not filed with the Secretary of State. Bylaws are filed with the Federal government with the request for tax-exempt status. Bylaws are kept at the corporation's principal executive office (if located in this state) or the corporation's principal business office in this state. The bylaws shall be open to inspection by the members at all reasonable times during office hours. If the principal executive office of the corporation is outside this state and the corporation has no principal business office in this state, it shall, upon the written request of any member, furnish to that member a copy of the bylaws as amended to date.

See Appendix B for a sample set of By-Laws appropriate for a 501(c)(7) corporation.

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