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History of Skiing in Southern California

The 80s saw a lot of change in ownership of ski areas as the long-time owners passed the torch.



1980 February Green Valley Lake Cross Country Ski Center is opened by Dave Williams and Ed Callahan.
    Bob Boothe became partner and General Manager of Snow Forest and then bought bought Snow Forest from the Platus brothers and Crystal Ride Hill
    Terry Tognazzini, current owner of Mountain High, purchased Holiday Hill. He merged both resorts into one and renamed his resorts Mountain High Ski Area.
1982    Snow Summit purchased China Peak and renamed it Sierra Summit.
1983   Southern California's first ski program for the handicapped was launched by Sallie Pritchard and the Kronenstadt Ski Club. The program was known as the California Handicapped Skiers (later renamed US Adaptive Recreation Center).
    The 1980's brought considerable turmoil between FWSA and USSA, primarily because of the allocation of membership dues and the needs of recreational skiing versus sanctioned racing. Ultimately, FWSA severed affiliations and is now independent and entirely volunteer organization in structure.
    The Far West Racing Association (FWRA) was formed, severing ties with FWSA and USSA.
1984   LA Council of Ski Clubs initiated the "Adopt An Athlete" program and provided Ellen Breen and US Handicapped Ski Team member Cathy Gentile necessary funding for travel and all expenses during the 1984-85 Ski Season. Ellen went on to become the International Freestyle Rookie of the Year and Cathy was named to the "B" team and placed 8th in the world at the US and Canadian Nationals.
1985   Green Valley Lake Snow Bowl was sold to Lloyd and Katherine Peake who installed another chair lift.
1988   Goldmine was purchased by S-K-I Ltd. and renamed Bear Mountain.
  July Former amateur surf coach, Chuck Allen, incorporated the US Amateur Snowboarding Association (USASA) with a $500 donation from Transworld Snowboarding Magazine. USASA was the first governing body exclusively for competitive amateur snowboarding.
    The California Handicapped Skiers began operation at Bear Mountain in Big Bear. The school, which is operated by the California Handicapped Skier's Foundation, was underwritten by a grant from the Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles, which holds part of the surplus money from the 1984 L.A. Olympics.




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