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History of Skiing in Southern California

During the 60s, snowmaking came to be a viable solution for low snow years. The Wilderness Act of 1964 was passed and pretty much put an end to the development of San Gorgonio and later Mineral King.



1960    Los Angeles Country Fair Ski Jumping exhibitions ran for 17 consecutive days.
1961    Tommi Tyndall a began construction of a major snow making system at Snow Summit which would be the largest in Southern California. The system was completed in 1964.
1963    The Platus Brothers, Dan & Dave, bought the Lynn Lift at Big Bear and renamed it Snow Forest. Due to poor snow and limited snow making capabilities, Snow Forest closed in the Spring of 1992. The Forest Service pulled the permit so that no one would be able to take over the Ski Resort.
1964    The first "recreation" racing leagues in the Far West were Southeast and Rokka Leagues.
      The Wilderness Act of 1964 passed with San Gorgonio included in the designated wilderness area. Although attempts were made until 1971, the reality was the act put an end to the quest to build a ski resort on San Gorgonio.
   December 27 Tommi Tyndall died in a tractor accident. His wife Jo Tyndall and her son Dick Kun took over operation of Snow Summit.
1965    The Disney Corporation initiated plans for a ski station in Mineral King in the Southern Sierra Nevadas.
1966    FWSA adopted a marketing plan to attract recreational members. The professional staff developed an array of benefits and programs for recreational skiers.
1969    Heavy snow fall allowed for second chair lift to be built at Snow Summit.
      Mt. Baldy lifts were sold to Western Resorts Corporation.
   December 7 Snow Summit Ski Instructors Fred Goldsmith and Bill Strickland purchased the rope tow area at Moonridge and renamed it Goldmine (later named Big Bear). They built a mile long chair to the top of the Mountain.




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