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With all the snow fall we have gotten in 2018–2019, we highly recommend you check the avalance dangers, both in and out of bounds, and stay out of tree wells. Too many people have died this year.

Download some new tips on Safety—

Download recent tips for maintaining Fitness—

Pacific Rim Alliance is very serious about safety. We have put together a Safety and Fitness Package for Pac Rim members which covers everything from Getting in Shape for Skiing to Dressing for Skiing/Boarding to Tips while on the Slope. We are also big on water skiing so we've incuded Water Safety Tips.

In addition to this package, you can download bulletins about making your skiing and snowboarding experiences safer. You will find information about why and how to buy a helmet, how to drive on ice, exercises to get in shape to ski/board safely, avalanche safety, and so much more. Most of these articles were sent out in a public affairs report to all of the LA Council and San Diego clubs.

Many of these safety articles have appeared in the LA Council's Snow Scene, published bimonthly and available for download.

We have included some safety quizzes and our recent trip safety tips for each of our ski weeks throughout the season. These were originally published in the trips' "Survival Guide" and given to each participant.

And finally, feel free to download our Safety Wallpaper for your computer or an eight inch copy of our Safety Banner (2.6 MB) as seen above.

Skiing is a sport with inherent risks. Let's be safe and minimize those risks. It's your responsibility to know The Code. Skiing/Boarding by The Code may save you or someone else. Protect your head, wear a helmet.

The Code •  HelmetsConditioningCheck ListLayering
TipsArticlesWallpaperWater SafetySunscreen

Ski With Pride • Watch All Sides • Let It Ride
First with Safety Awareness

Play It Cool Water Safety Tips.
Download Water Safety Tips in pdf format

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Download an 8 inch copy of our Safety.
(2.6 MB)

Safety Wallpaper
Download the latest Safety Wallpaper.

Far WEst Skin Cancer Prevention Program

SLIP on your helmet.
SLOP on some sunscreen.
SLIDE on your goggles.
SLITHER into the shade whenever possible.

Visit Far West to take the Skin Cancer Prevention Quiz.



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