Far WEst Skin Cancer Prevention Program

SLIP on your helmet.
SLOP on some sunscreen.
SLIDE on your goggles.
SLITHER into the shade
whenever possible.

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Be Sun Safe

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Skiing and Sunscreen—

Thank the sun gods, spring is here. We can finally strip off those parkas and scarves that we’ve been skiing in all winter. Just keep in mind what a mixed blessing the sun can be especially with the added reflection from the snow.

Next up is summer when the water ski season kicks in.

Even though accumulating a tan may seem like a seasonal rite, replacing the winter pale may be causing irreversible harm. There are two major reasons to protect yourself against the sun: premature aging and skin cancer. Brown spots and wrinkling are some of not-so-hot results of sun exposure.

Sun damage is avoidable. Big-brimmed hats, long-sleeve shirts and plenty of high-powered sunscreen all combine to increase your UV barrier. Fill a shot glass with sunscreen. That’s the approximate amount worth of sunscreen needed to cover the body. When you’re in the high country, you should re-apply throughout the day and use a sun screen with a higher SPF.

Kate Kisling of Ski Press presents this sampling of sunscreens.

Estée Lauder—

Skin cancer aside, the whole premature aging and wrinkles bit isn’t that appetizing either. So if the possibility of endangering your health isn’t enough to get you to lather up, let the narcissism roar with the new Sun Performance SunCare Collection Estée Lauder. “Exclusive technology” minimizes the appearance of dark spots - one of the first signs of premature aging - and helps keep your tan looking even. www.esteelauder.com

Estee Lauder Sunscreen

Aloe Up—

Greaseless and waterproof are essential when shopping for the perfect sunscreen, but as a true sportsman, a fragrance free, hypoallergenic product sounds pretty good, too. The Pro Sport SPF 30 gives you all that protection plus a patented dry lotion formula that’s 35% Aloe Vera gel. Soothing! www.aloeup.com

AloeUp Sunscreen


If you could eliminate one annoying feature in applying sunscreen, what would it be? How about having to use your hands? Kinesys sunscreens are applied using a fine mist spray that, unlike similar products, doesn’t have alcohol in it. That means you get an even application – beautiful. Kiss oily hands goodbye. And hey, 250 dermatologists recommend it. www.kinesys.com

KINeSYS Sunscreen

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen—

Like fast results? Not to crush your valiant past attempts at using sunscreen, but without leaving 15-30 minutes for the lotion to settle in, you might be more unprotected than you hoped. That is, unless your sunscreen uses Titanium Dioxide SPF 50 by Rocky Mountain Sunscreen. We’re talking instantaneous protection. This product physically reflects UV radiation before it hits your skin. www.rmsunscreen.com

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen

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Beach Sunning—
Don’t forget to put sunscreen on the
• tops of your ears
• part in your hair
• tops of your feet.



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