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History of Far West Ski Association
by Catherine Ohl, Pacific Rim Alliance


1960 Olympics
The fact that Squaw Valley was awarded the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley was an amazing feat.

Andrew Hauk served as Vice Chairman of the California Olympic Commission which supervised the spending of $8,990,000 appropriated by the State of California for acquiring and constructing all of the major facilities required for the staging of the games.

Far West leaders J. Stanley Mullin, Walt Disney, Roy Mikkelsen, Albert Sigal, and Harry Rosenberry were members of the Olympic Organizing Committee.

Gene Williams, Far West Chairman of the National Ski Patrol System, proposed that NSPS patrol these winter Olympics. Backed by Far West, this Olympics was the first time the games were covered by a volunteer ski patrol. The Olympic Ski Patrol [OSP] was made up of 48 men and 3 women.

The volunteers were led by Emil “Chris” Christensen of Pasadena, California. Bud Mills, who founded the Far West Avalanche Program, was patrol leader of the OSP avalanche detail.

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Andy Hauk

Andy Hauk
Photo courtesy California Ski Library, Ingrid Wicken collection

1960 Olympic Ski Patrol

1960 Olympic Ski Patrol
Photo courtesy Sutter Kunkel



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