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Far West Timeline by President


 Year President Milestones of Note
2015-18 Steve Coxen
2013-15 Linda Scott  
2006-13 Randy Lew Awards program brought into the electronics age. Intermountain Ski Council joins FWSA.
2003-06 Mike Sanford Brought back Scholarship Program.
2000-03 Steve Coxen First Outstanding Web Contest.
1996-00 Harry Davis New Mexico Council joins FWSA. FWSA becomes one of the founding members of National Ski Council Federation (NSCF).
1993-96 Norm Cullen FWSA took 500 skiers to Cortina, Italy. Adoption of the “Voice of Western Skier” added to FWSA logo.
1991-93 Paul Arrigo Ski Week bidding moved to the Convention. First Golf Tournament held at Convention. Northwest Council (formerly Portland) joins FWSA.
1988-91 Mike Favia First Skier’s Guide since early 80s replaces Ski Bug’s Almanac. First Leadership Seminar with instructional books at Convention. Initiation of Travel Carousel lift tickets. Mogul Mike’s Ski Sense & Safety program debuts. Pilot “Learn to Ski” Program launched.
1987-88 Howard Wickersham First Far West Skier’s News. Travel Carousel returns to Convention.
1985-87 Janie “Frankie” Hansen FWSA approves new by-laws, severs ties with USSA, and becomes autonomous with no national affiliations and totally volunteer. First Silent Auction. Fall Forums moved to Convention. First Annual Joe Ross Memorial Race held at FWSA Ski Week.
1981-85 Jane Wyckoff FWRA founded. FWSA sues USSA and settles out of court. FWSA charter flight program ends.
1976-81 Ed Gehle FWSA divided into two divisions (race & sports). USSA divided into two divisions. FWSA turned over staff & programs to USSA Sports Division. First Sportsfest.
1973-76 Dick Croft First Travel Carousel. Far West Ski Competition Inc., official sanctioning body for Junior racers, was formed. Nordic skiing is the fastest growing winter sport.
1971-73 John Watson Southern (Los Angeles), Orange, Inland Councils incorporate. FWSA serves as amicus curiae all the way to the Supreme Court in Mineral King suit.
1969-71 Richard Goetzman Domestic charters added to FWSA Flight Program. First Sno Queen contest held at Fall Forums. First Far West Ski Week to Bear Valley. Far West News debuts, replacing Western Ski Time. First Councilman published. Lido Travel named official FWSA Travel Agent.
1968-69 Carl F. Grover All major FWSA races were electronically timed.
1966-68 Stanley V. Walton, Jr. Ski Instructors’ Proficiency Tests developed by FWSA adapted by all divisions of USSA.
1963-66 Leonard Speicher FWSA fights inclusion of San Gorgonio into Wilderness Preservation System. Far West Ski Foundation incorporated to support US Ski Team, Nordic development, safety & research. First FWSA Race Leagues (Southeast & Rokka) founded. FWSA develops marketing plan with a professional staff for recreational skiers. Sylvia Sherman of “Ski Western America” took over running FWSA charter flights for profit.
1962-63 Sutter E. Kunkel NSA changes name to USSA. Inaugural issue of USSA’s Ski View Oct 1962. FWSA revitalizes Uniform Ski Tests.
1959-62 Byron Nishkian European Flight Charter Program launched. First Fasching Party to send off FWSA charters benefits US Ski Team & Far West Junior Racers.
1957-59 Edward J. Johnson The office of VP of Recreational Skiing established.
1955-57 Wesley B. Hadden Avalanche Training held in preparation for the 1960 Olympics.
1954-55 Robert J. Schenck NAT (Nickel-A-Ticket) program continues under great opposition.
1952-54 Paul H. Smith Far West certifies Ski Mountaineering.
1951-52 Frank Ferguson Far West Instructors holds its first free, dry-land LA Junior Chamber Ski School.
1950-51 Arthur H. Van De Kamp Far West hosts Summer Jumping Championships at LA Country Fair in Pomona, CA.
1949-50 B.M. "Milt" Zimmerman Nickel-A-Ticket (NAT) program splits funds of 5 cents from all-day lift tickets among NSP, FWSA and NSA.
1948-49 Cortlandt T. Hill CSA changes name to Far West Ski Association, becomes Far West region of NSA and is designated sanctioning authority for competitive events in Far West region. Southern Council of FWSA formed.
1947-48 J. C. "Chriss" Schwarzenbach FWSA opened membership to individuals not affiliated with clubs.
1945-47 Albert E. Sigal Area Development Committee formed to concentrate on making San Gorgonio and Mineral King into ski areas.
1941-45 Frank Howard During the war years, NXP was active doing search and recue for the Air Force in the California Mountains.
1937-41 James F. Connell CSA incorporated. World Championships, hosted by Auburn Ski Club, are sanctioned by CSA and NSA.
1934-37 Arnold Weber Ski jumping held at Berkeley’s Strawberry Hill.
1932-34 Cecil Edmunds 1932 National Championships hosted by CSA.
1930-32 Wendell Robie Orchestrated a demonstration that resulted in snow removal on roads to ski tows.






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