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We are often asked for advice about what to pack for a ski trip. Pacific Rim has always advised their participants to leave the non-essentials at home.

Gene Fulkerson's sound advise to skiers and snowboarders alike is, if you can't carry everything in one load, including skis or snowboard, leave it home. Michael O'Connor of Las Vegas said it best when he cautioned his fellow travelers to

Take Half as Many Clothes and Twice as much Money

Airlines are getting stricter about skis and boots. They generally do count both bags as your second checked bag as long as your ski/board bag contains only skis/board and poles and your boot bag contains only boots and maybe your helmet. You boot bag should be the size of a pair of boots. If you use a bag that is larger, you are subject to an extra bag charge.

For packing everything else, thinking SMALL is the operative mode. Take ONE ski outfit. When choosing what else to bring, pick items that are coordinated and versatile so that they can be worn several times in different combinations. Black clothing works well since black is classic, fashionable, goes with everything, and tends to hide the dirt. You should bring something nice to wear, especially if you are staying in 4-star or 5-star hotels. Check the requirements for your 5-star hotel since at times they may require tie and jacket for dinner for the men and dress for the women. Jeans and tennis shoes are not always appropriate and shouldn't be all that you bring. Your clothes should then fit nicely into a regular sized suitcase that weighs less than 50 lbs.

Carry a SMALL overnighter packed with anything you can't live without. Use caution with choosing the size of your carry-on, since airlines are getting stricter as to what you can take with you in the plane. Your carry-on should include a change of underwear, gloves, make-up, camera, and medicines. Carry your jacket and wear your after ski boots.

Here's a list of the ski essentials.

- Helmet
- Sunglasses
- Goggles
- Sunscreen [spf 30+]
- Lip Balm
- Long Underwear [one to wick moisture away]
- Ski Pants or Ski Suit [NOT jeans!]
- Outer Layer Jacket [Preferably waterproof/breathable]
- Sweater or Fleece
- Vest [for insulation]
- Turtleneck
- Socks or Sock Liner [1 thin to medium weight in wool]
- Gloves or Mittens
- Neck Gaiter
- Face Mask
- Hat or Headband for under your Helmet

If you happen to forget anything, don't worry since you will have brought twice as much money. If you run out of clothes, not to worry, as most hotels have laundry service or there is a laundry facility nearby.

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