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Day 7-1— Bariloche Canopy Tour
Argentina Photo Gallery
August 27, 2008

Photographs courtesy Agnes Johnson, Dan & Christina Mortiz, Young Kang, Birgit & Hans Iliew, Patricia Ortiz, JoAnn Rego, Catherine Ohl, Michael O'Connor, R.T. Thompson, Mary Alexander, Danielle Battut, Peggy Knight, Don Brenholt, Nadya Penoff

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There are two slide shows for day 7— Horseback Riding and Zipping (here).

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While the day looked promising for snow skiing, there was even snow on the ground in town, it was not to be. So Gene hastily rearranged our schedule so that those who wanted could go zipping. Most of us spent the afternoon zipping from tree to tree above the snow covered ground. We even got to do the circuit twice. But by the time we finished, the snow had turned to a deep mud so that the jeep ride back to the base was almost as exciting as the canopy tour.

Unfortunately, Smitty broke his ankle when he hit one of the trees too fast and at an awkward angle. You couldn't really slow yourself down since the cables were wet. The canopy team mostly did a good job of stopping us in time. They were a bit distracted by the more than 150 excited teenagers who were hot on our heels. It was a fun adventure.


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