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IKON Pass Difference...
36 resorts for the 2019-2020 season. Download difference between the Ikon and Base Passes.
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Read about crowded slope compaints and possible causes or not.
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Read about the effect of retiring senior skiers and the future of skiing.

Can Do MS Fund Raiser
Sept 28, 2019, 5 PM
San Diego, CA
Cost $100 pp.
2018 Wrap Up [pdf]
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Wine Tasting
Gene & Chef Mary

Oct 22 – 29, 2019
All-inclusive from $95 pppn
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Setriere, Italy

On-Mountain Bars and Restaurants


Cerro Catedral Bars & Restaurants

Cabaña 1600
- Mountain refuge, warm place and roomy balcony
- Wine & sushi bar, exquisite home made meals
- Access: at the end of Séxtuple chairlift
- Phone: 54-2944-15600533

- Spacious balcony and wonderful windows to enjoy the scenery
- Delifood, traditional lomitos (tenderloin meat sandwich)
- Soups and special pizzas
- Access: at the beginning of Quadruple chairlift
- Phone: 54-2944-423776, Ext. 256

Punta Nevada
- In between runs, at 5,907 ft. above sea level
- Spacious restaurant, bar and fireplace
- Traditional dishes, goulash, pasta, chicken and special dishes
- Access: Superior Station of Cable Car
- Phone: 54-2944-441790 y 423776, Ext. 247

- Barbecue, all kinds of meat, trout, pasta and fast food
- Salad Bar, home-made cakes
- Live music and activities
- Location: Catedral Base
- Phone: 54-2944-423776, Ext. 137

Parador 1200
- Regional food, barbecue
- Panoramic balcony, Kiosk and Boutique
- Access: Esquiadores and Cóndor I chairlifts
- Phone: 54-2944-460157

Lynch Mountain Refuge
- At 6,564 feet above sea level with panoramic view
- Regional food on a mountain-like atmosphere
- Access: Cable Car and Lynch Chairlift

Viento Cero
- Mountain-style parrilla (grilled meat)
- Access: at the beginning of Militares Chairlift

El Cabo
- Mexican Food, home-made and smoked dishes
- Good music
- Access: Superior Station of Cable Car
- Phone: 54-2944-423776, Ext. 247

Parador Intermedia
- Goulash, pasta, breaded veils
- Access: Cóndor II Chairlift
- Phone: 54-2944-460026

- Balcony, spacious interior
- Daily menus, pasta, hamburgers
- House and Dance music
- located at the Base, in the South Area, opposite the main parking lot
- Phone: 54-2944-460116

La Cueva
- Fondue, free champagne, typical dishes
- Live music
- Located in the lenga forest, following the snowcats path
- Phone: 54-2944-15411380

Oso Point
- Spacious outdoor area
- Parrilla (grill), french fries, salads
- Background music
- Located at the Base, behind El Establo building

Punta Princesa
- Located at 2,000 meters above sea level, panoramic terrace
- Self-service restaurant with pasta, hamburgers, loin and stews
- A la carte typical dishes like boar, deer and lamb
- Access: Superior Station of Princesa II Chairlift

Soul Point
- Exquisite mountain-style cuisine
- Access: it is located at the Base of Catedral Hill

Plaza Oertle
- Fast food
- Access: Base of Princesa II Chairlift

- Typical mountain-style dishes
- Panoramic view of Gutierrez Lake
- Access: Base of Princesa III Chairlift

Cabaña Plaza
- Comfortable inside, deck with great sight of the valley
- Fast food.
- Access: Intermediate of Princesa I Chairlift

La Roca
- Panoramic view of Gutierrez Lake
- Hamburgers, loin, typical mountain-style
- Access: Superior Station of Amancay Quad Cablecar
- Phone: 54-2944-15639784

Las Nubes
- Refuge, grill
- Huge and wide windows
- Access: Inferior Station of Nubes Teleski

Punto Base
- Restaurant with piste and base sight
- Fast food, great variety of menus
- Access: At the Base, Amancay Complex

Bar La Hoyita
- Snack and Fast food
- Solarium and decks
- Access: Superior 2000, Superior Station of Princesa II Chairlift

Arrow Download Bariloche Flyer here.


Arrow Download Bariloche Flyer here.

Cerro Catedral Piste
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