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Dec. 22 December Biking
Dec. 15 Winter Newsletter
Dec. 10 San Diego Happy Hour
Nov. 3 November Biking
Nov. 1 Big White non-stop air
Oct. 25 Ski Dazzle Show in LA
Oct. 20 Snow Jam Show in San Diego
Oct. 10 San Diego Galafest
Oct. 6 October Biking
Oct. 5 LAC Snow Gala
Oct. 1 Big White 2012 December Trip
Sept. 30 FWSA 2013 Convention
Sept. 24 Snowmass, final payment
Sept. 15 Fall Newsletter
Sept. 1 FWRA race dates
Aug. 30 September Biking
Aug. 25 Snowmass, 3rd payment
July 29 August Biking
July 25 Snowmass, 2nd payment
July 1 July Biking
June 24 Snowmass, 1st payment
June 15 Summer Newsletter
May 26 June Biking
May 15 Water Ski Schedule
May 3 San Diego Happy Hour
May 1 Winemaker Dinner for MS
Apr. 10 Snowmass 2013
Apr. 1 Far West Convention 2012
Mar. 26 Vail Pass for 2013
   Mar. 1 Spring Newsletter Available
    Feb. 15 Big White Update
   Feb. 11 2012 Far West Convention
   Jan. 15 Big White


  Dec. 20 Big White Photos Available
   Dec. 1 Winter Newsletter Available
   Nov. 15 Ski Dazzle Los Angeles
   Nov. 1 Snow Jam San Diego
Oct 28 Water Ski Photos Available
   Oct. 2 Wine Maker Dinner Photos
Sept 18 Water Ski Photos Available
   Sept. 15 Council Snow Galas
   Sept. 1 Fall Newsletter Available
Aug 9 Water Ski Photos Available
June 26 Water Ski Photos Available
   June 15 Summer Newsletter Available
   June 7 Far West Award Winners
  Apr. 1 Far West Convention
  Mar. 29 Vail Pass for 2012
Mar 20 Water Ski Dates for 2011
  Mar. 16 Mammoth Pass for 2012
  Mar. 1 Spring Newsletter Available
  Jan. 2 John Davidson Passes Away


  Dec. 19 American reverses itself
  Dec. 10 American to charge for skis and boots separately
  Dec. 3 Bernie Stanton Passes Away
  Dec. 1 Winter Newsletter Available
  Nov. 15 Announce Big White for 2011
  Nov. 1 Announce Big Sky for 2011
  Sept. 1 Wine Maker Dinner for MS


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Ski Hall of Frame...
Download the list of the 2019 Skill Hall of Fame inductees.

EPIC vs. IKON Passes...
Which one is best for you? Download a comparison.

Skier Visits Up...
Locals complain about crowded slopes and blame the new inexpensive consolidated passes. Download what some resorts are saying.

Future of Skiing...
Download an opinion on the effect retiring senior skiers are having on the future of skiing.

Can Do MS Fund Raiser
Sept 28, 2019, 5 PM
San Diego, CA
Cost $100 pp.
2018 Wrap Up [pdf]
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Wine Tasting
Gene & Chef Mary

Oct 22 – 29, 2019
All-inclusive from $95 pppn
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Setriere, Italy

Updated September 11, 2019.



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