Jimmie Heuga Wine Maker Dinner
October 3, 2015

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Our 15th annual Wine Maker Dinner for Can Do MS raised $2,525. Thanks everyone for your donations and support. We couldn't have done it without

  • Our very own Executive Chef Mary who helped with the planning, prepping & .
  • Big White Ski Resort donated the wine glasses.
  • The eight fabulous wines and the special water that were donated.

The wine that has been donated this year is outstanding and each was perfectly paired with one course. We have some returning wines and some new ones. Thank you Kobrand, Folio Wine, Pernod Ricard, Foley Family and Sole Water. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Check out the special wines HERE.

Finally, our dinners would not be what they are without Chef Mary. We can't thank her enough for her expertise, creativity, hard work and friendship.

And while the event is over, it's never too late to donate to this worthwhile organization. Just send your check made out to Can Do MS for any amount to

Gene Fulkerson, 10818 Viacha Dr., San Diego, CA 92124.


Brian, George, Agnes

Carmen & Paul

Mark, Marie, Kerm

Steve, Corlis, Gene


Email us at info@pacificrimalliance.org
10818 Viacha Dr., San Diego, CA 92124, 858-467-9469

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